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The refrigerator food storage about   4 kinds of common food collocation mistakes — food channel — original title: refrigerator food storage has about 4 kinds of common ingredients in the food we buy collocation errors, whether cleaning or storage is fastidious. If we do not pay attention, it may directly affect our health. Today, we need to introduce the ingredients to store and match with the need to know the rules, come and take a look at it. The refrigerator food storage requirements of frozen foods: think of quick-frozen dumplings, ice cream, these foods are supposed to have been placed in the refrigerator, if the shelf life of memory in the refrigerator will not have adverse effects. However, if you have to buy their own with bacteria, or refrigerator freezer room temperature is not enough, which may shorten the shelf life of these foods, even if it does not deteriorate will affect its flavor, taste and nutrition. Leftovers, leftovers in the refrigerator than in the room temperature to some, but not too long time, repeated heating time is not more than once. Cooked vegetables, especially leafy, is not recommended for storage. Fresh Vegetable & Fruit: fresh vegetables if stored to produce nitrite in wet and high temperature, easier to form nitrite in decay time, if kept too long, will cause vitamins and phytochemicals loss. If it is cut fresh fruits and vegetables, it should not be stored at room temperature, should be eaten as soon as possible, with the preservation of fresh or fresh plastic wrap into the refrigerator freezer. But not all are suitable for Vegetable & Fruit fridge, like tropical fruit, cucumber is not suitable for the fridge, otherwise it will affect the flavor and taste. Meat: animal food protein content livestock, poultry and other high, prone to corruption, so special attention should be stored at low temperature. If it is prepared for the next meal, can be placed in the cold room. If you can not eat in a timely manner, they should be cut into small pieces, respectively, after the bag into the refrigerator freezer, need to eat again. So, what is the cleaning of the ingredients are there? Ingredients cleaning pork: in the vegetable market to buy the pork is always a share of taste, buy a home to wash. A lot of people will wash the whole piece of pork, if it has been broken into pieces of meat, then, we are with the eyes of the basket with washing. But in fact, this did not wash the pork! Because the pork with grease, water, oil floating on the surface of the water, the water when it will stick in the meat, but also to the container, dirty sinks. The right way: rice left wash rice water, then pork on rice water for about 5 minutes and then wash the dirt, so easy to wash. Pig liver: market, buy back the liver and heart always has a peculiar smell, especially pig intestine, if not clean, even if a cook cook will still have the strange smell. The right way: after the water, drain the water, and then put some flour wipe, and then rinse, so that you can use to wash the pig offal are clean. Wash the guts of the cooking will not have a delicious taste of the destruction of food oh! Fish: buy fresh fish in the market, it is inevitable. Sometimes flush with water, although the surface of dirty blood, residual)相关的主题文章: