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Qianhu Miao Village shooting the most charming scenery [eleven edition] – Sohu tourism Xijiang Miao village is Chinese and the world’s largest Miao village, beautiful scenery and unique style has attracted visitors at home and abroad of the Blitz, recently the ongoing "drunken beauty of Xijiang Miao Village micro photography contest has attracted many people went to photography. But some people say that now the Xijiang Miao village has become a fully commercial places, streets are everywhere on the various visitors, not what good; I think, as long as we sink in the heart, heart to feel, to capture, still be able to shoot the pure natural scenery of Miao village. If you love to travel photography, then the three sister will be here to share with you the best shooting location, scenery time and tips in Qianhu Miao village. One morning, Qianhu Miao Village (recommended by assumes) cloud pigeon live people, sunrise golden mist cage floor. In the morning is the most quiet, also makes the most pictures. In the morning, the window looking around, the Xijiang Miao village is the dark blue mountains hold layers on stilts in the misty, row upon row of the morning mist, so quiet, partly hidden and partly visible, so quiet; looking at the next door smoke curl, heart will melt in here. Long time: can go out about 06:30. Because the Qianhu Miao village are built on mountains, the sunlight time is the dawn of time is not long. – Location: scenic mountain viewing platform or find a point, or in a direct booking near the viewing platform at the landscape room can be in front of the bed, window, balcony, beauty, as you will in panoramic scenery. Even the dog "girl", also can be capricious views of the Miao village. Two, Xishan’s surprise (recommendation: it assumes the stockade ancient street) you must streams of people busily coming and going of tourists, want to find a pure world. Follow the Xijiang Miao Village Simon hill walking, you will gain an unexpected surprise. Xishan was in full bloom all over the mountains and plains of Ge Sanghua, Miao busy here with the mountain, like a land of idyllic beauty. Stand here looking across the mountain peaks, the mountain in a relaxed, partly hidden and partly visible; a pleasure, a detachment from the heart. Long shot: the best time to morning to 8:00, 10:00, the sun is shining, flowers are fresh. Long before the shooting place: Simon on mountain scenic area. Three, lotus two terrace (recommended: dependent index assumes it) in Qianhu Miao Village No. 1 bridge is adjacent to the stockade pastoral area, paddy field, pond and terrace pavilions here. Walk on the path of the field, breathing the fresh air and the lotus color, the whole people are intoxicated in long breath. Yet? Smell a sweet Lusheng came, the original is a slack period, young men and women in the stream, Miao rice sweet "tour", "wandering" is that the local Hmong men and women love, the picture is very romantic. Long time: morning, afternoon, 8:00 9:00, 4:00 5.相关的主题文章: