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The old Edinburgh smoked, ghost in the head floating in the sky "- Sohu tourism birds fly, daily defeat, a gust of wind a shower in the invasion of England in the years, the flames burning in Edinburgh in the sky." A classic description of Scotland in British literature. The place removed, and Cologne under the pen of the wind, the clouds, the glint and flash of cold steel, the first floor, have a spell of lenovo. Edinburgh, in ancient times, there is a nickname for the Scotland dialect called old smoked Auld Reekie. A wilderness, perched above the castle hill, saw the smoke, so the name is appropriate. This decoration of the ancient buildings of the charming city of fifteenth Century, in the end why? The famous second big city is the capital of Scotland, England will visit the. Every time Scotland noble flag waving sword, heavy hammer will be frustrated by the army of the king of England. Like a child playing in the chessboard 331, this is what I move a piece of good? In fact, you move which one, it will destroy you. The city is only around his waist that Scotland skirt size, several stone road before half block get the old city, the latter half will not stop the new expansion of the new city. The airport is very convenient to the city, the railway station is the busiest place in the city. The main road Royal Mile on the hoofbeat again, from the south to the north of ghost haunts, floating in the air and drill into the dungeon, with a bloody battle. A shopping Princes Street from east to west, the road spacious, connected to the Metro City, open era. Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle 120 meters high dead volcano towering granite on Edinburgh Castle. Scotland queen Marie · Stuart standing here, overlooking the west is the United States of Stirling plain, the magnificent mountains and rivers; overlooking the bow on Princes Street with poor people, Starving people fill the land. Scotland warrior Robert · Bruce and the brave heart, the protagonist of the prototype, · the statue of the statue in the castle outside the door, like the guardian of Scotland, the expression of cold and stiff. As those who keep in the palace guards outside the palace, regardless of wind and rain the sun is hot, wore a bearskin hat, as a senior trash cover upside down like a funny, they themselves are unaware. Sister who pulled the court men want to get a picture of the ticket, they face expressionless, in the trash, the eyes can not even see the nose, not to mention the sister, think about the fact that the hearts of restless may pretend calm. The story of Edinburgh is closely related to Queen Marie. The history of it, there must be a plot by Ying Yanyan Ying will remember not to plot, how can the patience to read it. A nice TV will have a heroine, a classic masterpiece, there must be love. Our history teacher, emotional intelligence is a problem, do not know how to chat to tell a story, hard Fort super boring data into the brain. Our English teacher is also very boring, own a English original book did not bite, but not high IQ students forced to duck back words. Edinburgh superior geographical position it pay a great price. The rain coerced people相关的主题文章: