SHARP push black Technology 1000ppi screen + borderless display headache怎么读�

SHARP pushed black Technology: 1000PPI screen + borderless screen Tencent digital news (Wen Xin) according to the phoneArena website in Japan, CEATEC exhibition, SHARP shows two interesting display technology innovation — indicates that the not too distant future mobile virtual reality and intelligent mobile phone design. SHARP demonstrated a virtual reality helmet for the prototype display, pixel density of more than 1000PPI. Currently the highest resolution smartphone screen pixel density is about 500PPI. PhoneArena said that SHARP prototype display can provide a double resolution. Of course, such a high pixel density is only meaningful in the context of a specific use, such as the size of the display screen is small and close to the eyes of the virtual reality helmet. In such a close distance, in order not to allow users to see the "grainy" image, the pixel density must be very high. SHARP prototype display size of 2 inches, the resolution is as high as 2160 X 1920 pixels. If the image quality of the SHARP prototype is close to its definition, it helps to create immersive virtual reality experience. Effect of such a high pixel density display of virtual reality, comparable to iPhone 4 for retina display. The retina display is known for its amazing (by the standards of the time) clarity, once and for all to eliminate the particle image of the phone screen – at least for high-end phones. PhoneArena said at the show, SHARP also demonstrated a borderless design of the prototype of the smartphone – the front is almost entirely display. Unfortunately, phoneArena is not clear when SHARP will launch the prototype in the market, or whether SHARP will become the first company launched a borderless design of smart phones. If the technology is already available, product development has made so much progress, borderless smart phone market may not be too far away. Source: phoneArena相关的主题文章: