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Universal broadcast of homogeneous competition severe regulation of the platform to strengthen the transformation of the original title: Red Sea after the broadcast will go to where the first half of this year, the network to promote the rapid development of the capital force. China Internet Network Information Center released a report shows that as of June this year, the size of China’s Internet users reached 325 million, accounting for the overall Internet users of 45.8%. However, behind the hot market broadcast, not only the existence of jurisprudence involving violence and other vulgar issues, there is also the phenomenon of homogenization flooding. Insiders said that in the homogenization of serious, market saturation moment, with the strengthening of regulation, after the Red Sea, the Internet industry will usher in a major reshuffle. – industry webcast webcast at present the fire was in a complete mess, have entered the national era, everyone can be as anchor. IResearch consulting data released in April this year, in 2015 the number of Chinese online broadcast platform close to 200, of which the market size of the webcast is about $9 billion. Founder Securities is expected in 2016 to reach the market size of 15 billion in 2020 will reach 60 billion. It is understood that the traditional video broadcast mainly concentrated in two areas and game show, show in 9158, YY broadcast platform for games, games to Huya Betta live gaming platform as the representative, by the end of 2015, to reflect the customer, as the representative of the Chinese prickly ash mobile now live. JINGWAH times cartography Xie Yao Tencent research video live report shows that the outbreak of live video is the result of a variety of factors under the comprehensive promotion. From an external point of view, broadband speed, smart phone hardware upgrade for the production and dissemination of content provides a better environment. 4G network and the popularity of WiFi directly reduces the traffic threshold, so that anchors are more willing to live in a variety of scenarios. With the popularity of network broadcast, live games and game tournament also ushered in the spring, let the civilians live gaming game. Through the live platform, players can watch other players in the game in real time, this model is welcomed by many young people. In addition, this year a lot of money into the mobile broadcast industry, accelerate the process of industrialization of live broadcast. Live is a live game to burn the game, for example, the high bandwidth requirements, the monthly expenditure of broadband tens of millions of levels, at the same time with anchor fee and game copyright fees, need to invest a lot of money. From the view of internal factors, characteristics of live products because of its easier to win the user’s love and recognition, live video products compared to text content, easier to convey emotion, the threshold is lower, live content authenticity and richness, both interactive and uncertain elements, also make people more willing to pay attention live. The rapid development of the industry and the great potential of hidden, making it the focus of the Internet giant pan entertainment layout. Tencent, Alibaba, micro-blog, millet, Sina music, Iqiyi have to develop or increase the live business scope, compete with independent platform. – hidden homogenization of profit model Co., although the broadcast industry highlight a fiery scene, but the Internet industry renowned observers, senior industry consultant Liu Xingliang said, broadcast platform is still in its exploration and burn stage, No.相关的主题文章: