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Pregnant during pregnancy so it would be more difficult to conceive – since the beginning of the birth of pregnant women Sohu, a lot of women’s minds only one idea, how to quickly pregnant baby. To this end, began a frenzied praying mode, not only action on all sorts of efforts, the thought is more highly focused. Day to night hope, even the dream of talking about the baby. So "sincere" can not come baby. The original, so eager to have children also make pregnancy counter ah! First, good anxious, so why do not want to baby? 1, anxiety psychological impact because of the psychological anxiety will affect the secretion of hormones in the body, leading to abnormal changes in body function, but unfavorable to normal pregnancy. Doctors said that if you are in a situation of anxiety and depression, it is not only difficult to conceive, it is best to temporary contraception. Because such feelings will not only affect the quality of sperm or eggs, also can make the pregnancy due to emotional stimuli and the effect of hormone secretion of the fetus of pregnant mother, restlessness, agitation, affect the growth of his. 2, good pregnancy, pregnancy can do: 1 pregnant must keep the mood relaxed. Because the mother’s mood, every minute of the state will be directly transmitted to the future baby, affect the normal pregnancy and baby health. 2 can attend more soothing yoga courses, through the motion to adjust their mood, let yourself calm in the face of this problem. At the same time, you can also learn more about the physiological knowledge of pregnancy, do not let yourself because they do not understand and panic. Two, good nervous, pregnant for so long or not pregnant? There are some female friends pregnant for a long time, still not pregnant, so he suspected infertility, very nervous. Hope the child anxious, and family pressure, and anxiety, styled. Doctors have heard a secret, just over a distance to the doctor; that medical treatment of infertility has profound attainments, Trinidad medical expense, as blind as a beetle is very nervous. But they are addicted to these folk recipes, but lack of systematic examination of the hospital. To know that the longer the tension, the formation of psychological barriers, the more difficult to conceive. 1, mental stress, pregnancy is also difficult negative psychology can only increase the degree of disease, and positive psychology is beneficial to the elimination of disease. A large number of clinical data show that mental stress, psychological disorders, often lead to endocrine disorders, ovulation disorders, the more difficult to conceive the more difficult to conceive. This truth, the patient should be clear, the family must be clear. 2, good pregnancy, pregnancy can do so: to understand a lot of infertility is only temporary, do not have to stress and inferiority. Adjust the state of mind, to the hospital to do a systematic examination, to see whether it is because of infertility on the physiological problems, or because of psychological disorders caused by infertility. If it is the latter, it is necessary to adjust in a timely manner. Open your heart, face the problem correctly and believe that you are pregnant. Communicate with friends, family, doctors, in a timely manner to respond to their own situation, so that family and friends and doctors to help adjust. Three, good shame, not dare to go to see a doctor, many people think infertility.相关的主题文章: