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4 strokes to prevent urinary tract infection during pregnancy – 34 year old mother Mei Xiang Sohu, has been pregnant more than 6 months, but 1 months ago, she found herself with the phenomenon of frequent urination, urination burning sensation and pain, often feel waist ache, she began to wonder whether the urinary tract infection…… Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, many mothers are likely to encounter the problem of urinary tract infection, not only feel uncomfortable, but also afraid of urinary tract infection will affect the health of the fetus. But the urinary tract problems, always makes many mothers to open medical treatment, in the end how to prevention and treatment, has become a lot of mothers should learn the subject. The cause of urinary tract infections, according to statistics, about one in every 6 women, had had a urinary tract infection, especially pregnant women. Pregnant women, because the hormone secretion changes of ureterectasia, the bacteria increased to the bladder, coupled with the gradually expanding uterus oppression will lead to the bladder, urinary tract bacteria become easy to breed environment. In addition, in addition to pregnant women, easy to hold or who have had a previous urinary tract infection in women, also belong to the high risk population with urinary tract infection; however, in addition to pregnant women, other ethnic groups are rarely serious complications. 4 teach you to prevent infection of urinary tract or taking food drinking Cranberry tablets containing sugar concentrated cranberry juice, to prevent vaginal bacterial infection, then edible probiotic containing food. Clothing to avoid wearing tight clothing, so as to avoid bad ventilation, easy to breed bacteria. Live in bath to avoid the bath, and is not recommended with bath supplies in the genitals, lest cause irritation of the urethra. For the toilet after wiping pudenda, must grasp from the front to the back of the principle, do not wipe back and forth; sex couples before and after, should each drank 2 cups of water, after sexual intercourse to develop the habit of urine immediately. Daily care of some patients with urinary tract infection, will feel pain when urinating, and more fear of urination. When urination tingling unbearable, but the urinary tract is the only proper course to take rehabilitation drink plenty of water, do not hold back, together with medicine, can be attached to the urethra in bacteria excreted. If you really can not stand the pain, early pregnancy and mid – term expectant mother, you can take a doctor prescribe pain relief. If the term is near, it is recommended not to take the drug at a high level of pain, because the strong painkillers in the late pregnancy may affect the fetus during the term of the ductus arteriosus, fetal heart problems.相关的主题文章: