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Business Traveling extensively on business can really take its toll. At first it’s really exciting and getting out of the daily grind of going to the office can be fantastic, but at the weeks add on it can get boring and lonely. One of the things that can really get to you is staying in hotels. Extended stays can be even worse and being away from your own home for weeks on end can be grueling. Hotels are really not designed for extended stay and the amount of space and comfort it provides is really just enough for a few days. So, what alternatives do you have if you are fed up with the whole hotel vibe? Here are 3 great alternatives to hotels. 1. Bed And Breakfast Bed and breakfasts are great. In most cases it’s run by individuals and what’s really great about them is the charm and homely feel. If you need a home away from home then this is a great option. You can stay in a real home and get a real home cooked meal every day. 2. Corporate Apartments Corporate apartments are basically apartments that you can rent for shorter periods of time and like a hotel it has all the servicing taken care of. The difference is that it’s a real apartment and it has a lot more space and comfort than a hotel room. 3. Long Stay Hotels Although these are still "hotels" its specifically designed for long stay. Not only are the rooms much more spacious but the decor and the services are much more geared towards a long stay. Most units come with fully fitted kitchens and the decor tend to resemble a home rather than a hotel room. Obviously there are cost implications for each one of these. It really depends on your level of comfort and the amount of money you are willing to spend. as a rule of thumb, the longer you stay the cheaper it gets. Some long stay hotels require a minimum stay of two weeks while other require a corporate membership. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: