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13 residents of the door was filling glue or difficult to go home due to the sale of housing disputes – Sohu news from February 21st began late, the door of Xianyang City Village District No. 3 ock building 13 households have being poured into the glue, so that they can not return home. District police station and community after a preliminary understanding of the matter, or because of housing disputes caused by the proposed two sides through legal means to solve. "Do not open the baby, go to school to delay" "home can not return," what is the matter?" 2 pm yesterday, in the village community building 3 floor ock downstairs, the door was filling a thing about glue, several residents face a helpless. 3 building two unit two floor resident Ms. Gao, is the earliest discovery door lock can not open households. Ms. Gao said, at 10 o’clock in the evening of February 20th, she and her family go home from the outside, the key inserted into the keyhole, but how can not screw. At that time, she thought the door lock is broken, then to a friend’s house for a night night. As a result, many households had the same situation on the second day. On the third floor, the tenants inserted the key into the lock hole of their own security door, and also turned it. Ms. Yu said, 21 PM 2 Xu, when the door is still good, and 6 when home, it is found that the security door can not open, it is estimated that some people take advantage of her home when no one moves hands and feet. From the evening of February 21st, including one of their families, 3 buildings and two units, 13 households door locks can not be opened normally. Many people only have this set of houses, the door lock can not open, a few people can borrow in relatives and friends, more people can only temporarily spend money in the hotel accommodation. If you don’t open the door again, the children will be delayed in school." A resident said with a worried face that the child was about to start school, but his schoolbag and clothes were still not available at home. The Department of housing sale disputes caused by residents of Mr. Zhao said that the door open residents have a common point, the house is from a man named Zhao’s hand to buy, although has lived in a short time, but currently only pay 100 thousand yuan in advance, not for real estate procedures. And after they bought a house a few years later, Zhao and all of these houses sold to Wang, Wang in 2015 made housing property certificate, asking them to move out of the house, the two sides because of the ownership of the house disputes. Mr. Zhao said, years ago, residents will Zhao prosecution to the court, the thinking of the judgment down and then consider moving not to move, did not expect the anti-theft door before the Spring Festival, some residents of the home were sealed and residents of the angle, the wires have been cut. Therefore found the door blocked, people first thought is for wang. Qindouou Ferry Street ock community neighborhood committee staff said, after a preliminary understanding of the matter, because the house problem caused by, and now they have to coordinate 13 residents of residential property to help restore normal life. On the afternoon of 22, representing 13 residents reported to the police to the jurisdiction of the Public Security Bureau police station of Wu Jia bao. Police said that after investigation, the matter may be caused by housing disputes, has received several times before the alarm. It is suggested that both sides solve the problem through consultation or legal channels to avoid extreme behavior. Figure

13户居民门锁被灌胶水难回家 或因房屋买卖纠纷-搜狐新闻   从2月21日晚开始,咸阳市玉珠楼新村小区3号楼13户居民家的门锁陆续被人灌入胶水,让他们有家不能回。辖区派出所和社区经过初步了解,此事或因房屋买卖纠纷引起,建议双方通过法律途径解决。   “再打不开 娃上学要耽误了”   “有家不能回,这叫什么事啊?”昨日下午2时许,在玉珠楼新村小区3号楼楼下,说起门锁被灌胶水一事,几位居民一脸无奈。   3号楼二单元二楼住户高女士,是最早发现门锁打不开的住户。高女士说,2月20日晚上10时许,她和家人从外面办事回家,将钥匙插进锁孔,却怎么也拧不动。当时,她还以为门锁坏了,便到朋友家借宿了一晚。结果第二天便有不少住户出现同样的情况。   三楼住户于女士将钥匙插进自家防盗门的锁孔,同样也转不动。于女士说,21日下午2时许出门时门锁还是好好的,6时许回家后就发现防盗门打不开了,估计是有人趁她家里没人时动的手脚。   于女士说,从2月21日晚开始,包括她们家在内,3号楼一单元和二单元总共有13户居民家的门锁无法正常打开。很多人都只有这一套房子,门锁打不开,少数人可以在亲戚朋友家借住,更多的人只能临时花钱在旅馆住宿。   “再打不开门,孩子上学都要耽误了。”一位居民一脸着急地说,孩子眼看就要开学了,但书包、衣服还在家里拿不出来。   事件系房屋买卖纠纷引起   居民赵先生说,门锁打不开的居民都有一个共同点,房子都是从一个叫赵某的人手里买的,虽然已经住了不短的时间,但目前都只交了10万元左右的预付款,没有办理房产手续。而就在他们购买房子几年后,赵某又将这些房子全部卖给了王某,王某2015年取得了房屋产权证,要求他们搬出房子,双方因为房子的归属权发生纠纷。   赵先生说,年前居民们就将赵某起诉到法庭,本想着等判决下来再考虑搬不搬,没想到,春节前有些居民家的防盗门被人用角铁封住,还有居民家的电线也被剪断。因此一发现门锁被堵,大伙第一个就想到是王某所为。   秦都区古渡街道办玉珠社区居委会工作人员说,经过初步了解,此事因为房子问题引起,目前他们已经协调小区物业帮13户居民恢复正常生活。   22日下午,13户居民的代表向辖区的公安秦都分局吴家堡派出所报了警。民警表示,经过调查,此事可能因为房屋买卖纠纷引起,之前就已接到几次报警。建议双方通过协商或法律渠道解决问题,避免发生过激行为。   房主称不清楚此事   昨晚8时许,华商报记者电话联系到王某,对方一肚子委屈。“我不知道这个事。”王某说,他一直在外地,房子的事委托给别人处理,对门锁灌胶水一事不清楚。   “我花钱买了房子却让别人住着,这个委屈跟谁讲?”王某说,他取得房屋产权证以后,这些居民就将原房主赵某起诉到法院,并申请了保全,按理之后就应该搬出房子,但是做了多次工作,居民就是不搬。   陕西秦瀚律师事务所律师李志锋说,13户居民可以通过法律手段维护合法权益,要求赵某赔偿相关损失。另外,王某如果要想收回房子,建议最好通过法律途径实现,如果采取强制手段导致居民人身财产受损,要承担相应的法律责任。 华商报记者 冼杨 文 图相关的主题文章: